Poison Subroutine - Semper Fragment
Golden Djinn
The largest miniature painting competition in the Middle-East

The Judges

Bogusz Stupnicki

Bogusz 'Bohun' Stupnicki Bogusz "Bohun" Stupnicki has been a miniature painter for over 12 years. His very distinctive style sets him apart from any other artist out there and earned him many distinctions in the industry, including several Golden Demons. His hawkeye will be key in judging this year's entries.

Olivier Gheysen

Olivier 'Noxy' Gheysen Olivier "Noxy" Gheysen is the Founder and Managing Director of Nimble Distribution and the owner of the BattleZone hobby center in Dubai, where the Golden Djinn competition will be held this year and where most of the tabletop games can be purchased in the United Arab Emirates.

Frederic Casagrande

Frederic 'Kuchulainn' Casagrande Frederic "Kuchulainn" Casagrande has been a hobbyist since the early days of Rogue Trader. Winner of the first Golden Camel competition in 2011, his Space Wolves army regularly took best painted army in the regional tournaments. He is the Head Judge of the Golden Djinn 2019.

Judging Criteria


Entries should showcase the best Technical work of which the entrant is capable. For construction, Judges will look for added details, existing conversions and scratch-built or sculpts that blend convincingly with the original piece; They will also look for visible mold lines, untrimmed flash, excess glue, grainy primer, unfilled gaps, or wobbly parts or loose bits that fall off the entry with normal handling.

For painting, Judges will look for competency and consistency, regardless of the chosen style(s) of execution (smooth blends, textured brushwork, bright clean colors or monochrome, realistic metallics or stylized NMM, etc.), for elements like character expression or realistic weathering.

For presentation, Judges will look for attention given to groundwork and scenic elements. A well painted model should not be standing on poorly finished terrain. All areas of an entry that are meant to be seen should receive consideration and treatment.


An entry should exhibit the thought process, aesthetic choices and creative decisions of the entrant. For painting, the Judges will look for how the color palette complements the subject of the entry, how the execution style enhances the models, how the entrant has used contrasts and emphasis.

For composition & design, the Judges will look for focal point, perspectives, how the use of color and form creates visual interest to draw the eye there, how the posing of the model gives it movement and life.

For presentation, Judges will look for cohesion, in color, basing and pose if the entry is a unit, but also in how groundwork and scenic elements give the model context rather than just filling space.


Entries are more than just figures arranged on a base, the composition of the entry should lead the eye from element to element, engaging the viewer, capturing a moment in time and telling a story. This criterion will be more subjective than the others, and Judges will rate the emotional responses the entry triggers.