Poison Subroutine - Semper Fragment
Golden Djinn
The largest miniature painting competition in the Middle-East


See you in 2021

Without much surprise, we made the decision to cancel the edition of the Golden Djinn painting competition, as the global pandemic has taken its toll everywhere, and our partners, BattleZone have now permanently closed their doors. Stay tuned while we're preparing to come back stronger in 2021!


GOLDEN DJINN 2019 - GOLD - Zeyad Nabulsi

Dam Septus, Knight of Nurgle, submitted by Zeyad Nabulsi won first place in the 2019 Golden Djinn Middle-East painting competition! The paintjob on this model is crisp, and the colorscheme, strongly contrasted between the nurgle theme of the chaos knight and the livery of the base debris, as well as the narrative value of the base are the strongest elements of this model. There is so much going on that the focal point is lost, and the piece could have benefited from more planning and definition to give it more focus.


GOLDEN DJINN 2019 - SILVER - Klaus Hofmann

Venerable Brother Marcellus, the Red Wrath, submitted by Klaus Hofmann won second place in the 2019 Golden Djinn Middle-East painting competition! The consistency of the paintjob over the whole model was one of the strong points of the model, together with the amazing freehand work and incredible base details. A bit more contrast and tone variation would have been welcome though.


GOLDEN DJINN 2019 - BRONZE - Rob van der Wal

Nephenee, Elf Warrior, submitted by Rob van der Wal won third place in the 2019 Golden Djinn Middle-East painting competition! From an artistic standpoint, the colorscheme - and the choice of green and purple complementary colors - is the strongest point on this model. A bit more highlights, darklining and other finishing touches could have improved the model significantly.


Entries published

The pictures of the 8 entries for Golden Djinn 2019 have been published, feast your eyes while our judges pick their favorites!


Registration Closed

The registration for 2019 Golden Djinn is finally closed. We have accepted 8 amazing entries and our judges have started their work!


Deadline Extension

The deadline for submission of entries has been extended to Wednesday 18 December 22:00, GMT+4.


The Golden Djinn

For the first time ever in the Middle-East, an Award celebrates the galaxy of talents displayed by the region's best miniature artists, and their art form: the hobby of creating and painting tabletop strategy and role-playing games miniature models. Organized jointly by Battlezone and Clan Mac Datho™, the first edition of the Golden Djinn will run from 14 November 2019 to 18 December 2019.